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The other five strands should have divided as well long ago, but the energies required to unfold them were purposely and selfishly repressed by the powers that be so that they could exercise greater control over us. Then, in the mid-late 's AD something unexpected happened: the planet Uranus was discovered and its energies released.

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This was when colonialism was in full swing and the stranglehold of Saturn the Old World was broken and the New World Americas was explored. This opened up one more strand of DNA in humanity and was followed by the discovery of Neptune in opening up another strand -that of mystical Neptune versus religious Jupiter. Theosophy and the secret societies Neptune united to overthrow the stranglehold of the Church Jupiter.

Introduction to Astrological Interpretation: Planets, Signs, Houses, Aspects, Rulerships

Finally, in , Pluto was revealed, the other half of the Mars strand. The two previous World Wars was that separation process and we may need a third to complete it, so that Mars will no longer kill and war and instead will divert its energies towards more positive and progressive venues such as discovery and invention.

The signs of the Zodiac in the human body

In classical astrology, this is a placement of empowerment for a planet; a planet in domicile is capable of doing something well. In modern astrology, being in rulership is more akin to an affinity or likeness between the sign and planet. Ultimately, it appears that the goal of modern astrologers in assigning sign rulerships to the outer planets is an attempt to get to a one sign per planet system. This system is definitely more egalitarian, but misunderstands the purpose. As we continue to explore our solar system we're slowly coming to the realization that there may not be enough planets for the 12 signs.

The controversy over Pluto's planethood aside, it takes it years to complete an orbit through the Zodiac. Is it worth it to continue to look beyond Pluto for new rulers of the signs of Mercury and Venus? This has led some astrologers to focus back inward and assign Ceres, Chiron, or the debunked planet Vulcan to Virgo or the Earth to Taurus. For these and other reasons, classical astrologers work with the original dignity scheme.

What Is Your Chart Ruler In Astrology? Why Your Ascendant Sign Reveals So Much

The model confirmed the Hellenistic planetary order. The Roman Catholic Cathedral of Vezelay. The Ancient World believed in keeping knowledge secret so that rulers and priests could maintain power. Many truths and knowledge were recorded in picture form. You had to have enough learning to understand the messages left behind. Most of the mathematical and astronomical discoveries we attribute to the Hellenistic Greeks were already known in Egypt.

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They were the great geometric experts in the Ancient World. The Greeks gained their knowledge from what was left of the Egyptian priesthood. This is well documented by an expert in ancient measurements, Dr. Livio Stecchini. They did this with geometry and ratios, long before the use of Arabic numbers or algebra a form of mathematical notation 5.

But much was lost with the conquests of Egypt. We only have pieces and hints of this knowledge through monuments, objects and fragments of texts that have been translated multiple times.

The libraries at Heliopolis were destroyed. The rulers and priests were killed so that the conquerors could control the population. Nick Campion points out that there is a year void of astrological writings after the Fall of Rome in AD.

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Hellenistic Greek astrology was preserved by the Arabs and transmitted to Europe during the Arab occupation of southern Spain. This was the start of the Renaissance, the foundation of medieval astrology and our recovery of Hellenistic astrology.

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As astrologers, we have forgotten to look at the astronomy side of this picture for the answers. Yet, all of our astrological structure is based on sacred geometry, astronomy and mathematics. The best minds in the Ancient World were astrologers until the Church and the Scientific Revolution to AD suppressed astrology. We are still recovering this knowledge thanks to serious scholars like James Holden, Robert Zoller, Robert Hand, Robert Schmidt and Benjamin Dykes in reconstructing our past with new translations.

Now we have a new generation of young astrologers trying to put the pieces together like Chris Brennan and others. Add to this the power of computing and the Internet to disperse this reconstructed knowledge. We can now share this revived knowledge with our colleagues in India and the Arab World.

There is said to be over a million astrological manuscripts to be translated in India, let alone the Arab World and in China. However, the fundamental issue of planetary order has yet to be explained. Carl Payne Tobey discovered this answer back in the But he left no proof and no references. A good portion of what they discovered for themselves was shared with their private students but not necessarily published. We can thank James H. Holden for documenting 2, astrologer profiles 6 and to the few astrological libraries we have in the USA and UK that have preserved 20th century manuscripts so we can recall the work of past astrologers in the prior century.

This is a video on YouTube that I highly recommend watching. The Earth is at the center. The Sun is a small dot going around the Earth in a single circle.

by Hank Friedman

Mercury spends more time behind the Sun from the viewpoint of Earth. The loops are Mercury stations and retrograde periods. Mercury and the Sun traveling around Geocentric Earth. Venus and the Sun traveling around Geocentric Earth. The Earth is in the center of both images.

The Sun is a small dot in a single circle around the Earth. All the outer circles are either Mercury or Venus moving around the Earth over a period of years.