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Angry gas giant. From Jun 16 — 30 expect exploding fridges. The decans below make the tranists as accurate as they can be within a ten degree orb. Neptune conjunct your decan all year. What I have already said in the general Pisces forecast about detoxing and keeping as pure as possible applies especially to you.

Neptune can be wonderful as a transit if you take the right precautions, but going into it blind is asking for trouble. Enlightenment can blow your mind and most of us still have to pay bills, do the school run and function to a timetable. So what you need is a wise Shaman to hold you hand and guide you through the surreal, psychedelic trip that is a Neptune transit. Now as a Pisces you might already be quite into this anyway.

The only problem is if you are already a very right-brained type this could send you into another dimension altogether and you will have great difficulty staying grounded. They can lock themselves away for a whole year, converse with their higher-self out loud without being called an idiot and come out with a ground breaking exhibition or poetic new album. Conversely this transit also works very well for skeptical, scientific types who need to open their minds. The biggest difficulty with this transit is discernment.

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After the Venus retrograde you will know who you can trust in this regard, but the first few months of the year, with all the retrogrades, will prove to be the most challenging. It will be very difficult to know who to trust with Chiron conjunct your decan until February. Health could be an issue, hence the reason for the need to detox. You may go through a healing crisis during the early part of the year if you go too fast with it.

Chiron can be the mentor too, so I would seek an independent counselor at this time if you really are suffering. North Node trine your decan until March will mean that you do find support from others. They may be the new connections that come in after you have weeded out those who were draining you. Gatherings and being open to synchronicity are important now. If you are going through some sort of crisis, then local support groups or even internet forums are invaluable now. Solar eclipse sextile your decan April 29 will be great for bringing fresh energy into your life, and confirmation that local support groups and making local connections are the way to go for you at this time.

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Mars trine your decan Jul 26 — Aug 15 With the Neptune conjunction to your decan all year, you really need Mars to give you some action. From now on you should feel less foggy now that Mars is direct and blasting a furnace of energy into your solar 9th house. This is where you suddenly get the surge to travel or study. An esoteric or mystically themed course would be ideal. Going overseas to a spiritual place that could enlighten would be ideal. Somewhere that puts you in touch with the healing power of nature will support your recovery.

You might indeed be tempted to go to Peru… but remember you are extra sensitive to any drugs right now. Smoking a joint would probably be enough! Going to a spa to detox might be a wiser, if more boring alternative. This cleansing would be good to do before Mars square your decan Sep 14 — Sep 30, for you will need all your energy to combat those demons that I mentioned in the general forecast. You also might need to build your immune system up because Neptune transits can make you very porous to invaders and that includes microbes.

You should feel back on par with the Solar eclipse trine your decan Oct 23 which supports growth and will give you the ability to bounce back. Mars sextile your decan Oct 27 — Nov 10 the recovery continues with Mars now very strong in your solar 10th.

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If you have been slacking on the work front, you can now start to gather those creative ideas and inspiration from your Neptune trip and start to construct something quite beautiful from them. You may also find an exotic muse at this time to inspire you further. It might be hard to keep grounded especially if you are under the influence of any other forbidden fruit.

Too much serpent juice could so easily float you all the way to Never Never land if you are not careful. Okay, it is the festive season and we all tend to get carried away by the reindeer around this time. Just make sure you come back to the real world in time for Saturn trine your decan until end May.

Your decan 1 neighbors are floating about in wispy outfits doing a great impression of a jellyfish while you are classically robed in a more sensible apparel. Yes, you really mean business this year and want to be taken seriously. And so you will be with this harmonious and balanced trine. A short illness can be a blessing, serving the purpose of shaking you out of a routine, that was in fact stagnating you. Mars Retrograde backs into your hopes and dreams zone from Aug 13 and goes direct on Aug Y ou will place a great amount of energy into wishful thinking.

It will give you the chance to dream up a new social network filled with people who more closely align with your interests. Meeting a long-lost love in a faraway land is the most fairytale manifestation of Venus retrograde in your travel zone from Oct 6. Most of all, this transit can transport you back into ancient times, but whether you meet a tall, dark handsome foreigner is debatable… You will feel however will be a strong pull towards places where you might have had a romantic connection in the past.

You could even stumble across an exotic old flame if other astrological factors support this. Less fantastical options would be taking a trip with a suitcase full of crayons. A drawing holiday to a past life location would be greatly inspiring, you might even find you draw out and remember your olden day persona.

This is one of the easier Venus retrogrades, for it brings a reconnection with ancient wisdom that is sometimes felt very acutely through the land itself. Therefore going to a place that has many sacred sites is a fantastic use of this energy, as is going to any group spiritual retreat. Rewriting material for publishing is also a good move, as is going back to study in higher education as an adult. During this time you might feel drawn towards, art, music or styles that reconnect you to places you have visited in the past. During the first half of this period from until Oct 26 , Venus is in her more harmonious Hesperus phase which makes travel pleasant and easy-going.

Venus turns direct on Nov Ceres moves in to help fellow goddess out in your higher wisdom house from Nov 11 to Dec You could come into contact with an influential teacher in the form of a healer, astrologer or seer at this time. Maybe you meet this guide through taking part in a course that involves the priestess crafts of herbal medicine, divination or planetary magic. Your mind is expanded through being contact with the sacred wisdom of mother earth. You may take part in pagan rituals, harvest festivals or activities that bring you into contact with lay lines or telluric currents under the earth.

Even simply walking in nature or gardening is enough. You are feeling quite passionate about everything right now, but could become extra-moody if people get too close. Give yourself a wide-berth while you enjoy feeling so hot-blooded and virile, because you might snap at others if they get too close. This is a time when people see your tempestuous side!

Solo projects at this time can fly, sky-high because you carry an enthusiastic, can-do, upbeat attitude.

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This is mainly in the realms of your career. No matter what you say, people will at least admire your honesty and balls.

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It could be tempting to think you are untouchable during this transit, but it would still be wise not to push it. If you get too cocky, there could be a backlash after Jupiter has left this house in Nov , so go gentle on your more sensitive clients, employees or colleagues.

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  7. The major transit for you this year is a very useful Saturn sextile your decan from J an 1 to Dec You should tickle the eye of people in power while Saturn tickles you by sextile! This is a budding type of energy. The sap is rising and it has bags of potential. As always with Saturn, it will take effort on your part to encourage these seeds take root. Stamina is what this gift of a transit will give you. The Mars square from Jan 27 to Feb 11 does much to power the stamina generated by Saturn so that it helps push forward your goals.

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    Saturn is the safety break. The Venus conjunction from Feb 11 to 18 is fantastic for serious relationships. This is a really easy first half of the year, with progress moving carefully along with no bumps in the road. Even the Venus square from Apr 25 to May 2 is handled easily because you already have so much support and confidence.

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    You can use this square to help sculpt any artistic ideas and give them material form.