Leo and leo love match compatibility

What seems like a vast difference creates a perfect fit that can propel this relationship forward.

Leo-Leo Compatibility

Although Virgo is often considered cold and unfeeling, Virgo and Leo are both romantics in search of a perfect love that lasts forever. Leos are dynamic , generous, playful, and love with abandon. These bold, "see me" individuals are romantic idealists, who believe in that one true, beautiful, blissful, idealistic, soulmate type of love that lasts a lifetime and will spend vast amounts of time, energy and resources in search of that perfect love. When they find the person, they're devoted, loyal, and will do anything to earn their love and admiration.

Leo and Leo Love and Romance

Virgos are shy , loyal, adaptable, and loving. They have an innocent heart, are guileless in love, and elevate their partner above all else. They believe in perfect love, the sort of love where souls, minds, and bodies merge, they genuinely believe that partnership means "what's mine is yours.

Virgo and Leo see their time together in bed as a celebration of their love and commitment. Both are hopeless romantics so there will be plenty of physical foreplay, including morning kisses, long evening embraces, candles, flowers, and massages. A creative and open-minded Leo is always willing to try something new, and Virgo, who is no prude either, will be a willing follower.

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Together these two can go to sexual heights they've never experienced before. Creatively, both of you will be very good. You tend to make the greatest team ever regarding intelligence. Although you both are good at fighting with each other when you understand your differences, you will find it easy to relate to each other. Apart from this, you find it annoying to relate to your lover.

Without the two, your relationship will fall apart. You both tend to be very lazy when it comes to performing wonders on the bed. You seem to have a similar wish when it comes to sex. You love lying down while you are being loved to orgasm through sex. On the other hand, your lover loves lying down to be served during sex. Thus, both of you tend to have issues on who would be on the top during sex. This could, in turn, bore down your sexual relationship. The best possible way for to enjoy your Taurus Leo sex life is for you to agree in regards to who will come on the top.

Venus is known as the planet-ruler of Love and Money while the Sun is known for individualism. As a result of this, you, being a Venus-ruled person will be loving and caring. You will always run after what would bring money into your pocket. You will also ensure that you make a lot of money that would give your family an excellent future.

In addition to this, your lover will be warmth and illuminate. Similarly, your lover is highly individualistic and always try hard to dominate you. Most of the time, you enter into a battle of domination which could lead to an argument that none wants to lose. Most of the time, your campaign of command is always fierce as no one is not still ready to lose the battle. Your relationship has an earth sign as a result of the element that rules your planet. On the other hand, your lover is the reason for the fire sign.


You both are very ambitious but in different ways. You often long and work hard to getting security and stability for your love life.

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Taurus Leo dating each other are always working hard to succeed in life. Your lover, also, will find it very hard to concede with your stubbornness. Often time, this always results in an intense argument between both of you. It shows that the relationship you have with a Leo will be terrible. Although you both will have a very bright future together, you tend to lose out on most things.

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  • Apart from this, you are most likely going to find it very easy to embrace raw and warm emotion for your lover. In fact, the relationship will be a relationship of a healthy headed fellow. It is the case that both of you will find it very easy to attack yourself. In fact, you both are different. While your lover is very pushy, you are very calm and well grounded. You both tend to be very lucky in life, but you will find it hard to have a perfect relationship together. It is highly advisable for you to think before you enter into any relationship with a native of Leo.

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    Leo and Leo Compatibility

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